About – Goshogawara International Woodfire Festival – 2005

The Goshogawara International Woodfire Festival took place at the Kanayama Ceramic Center from July 1 to July 31, 2005. The festival was organized and sponsored by master potter Ryoji Matsumiya. The purpose of the festival is to exchange ideas and techniques in an atmosphere of international cooperation.

Participants in 2005 included Vivian Choi-ting Fu (Canada), Maro Kerassioti (Greece), Maria Meleniou (Greece), Julia Nema (Hungary), Reyaz Badaruddin (India), Toru Chubachi (Japan), Shinsuke Iwami (Japan), Ryoji Matsumiya (Japan), Kim Dae Hoon (Korea), Park Byoung Tack (Korea), Lee, Dong-Koo (Korea), Alejandro Cuetos (Spain), Lee Middleman (USA), Richard Brandt (USA), and Frederick Olsen (USA).

During the festival, we fired our work in a wide variety of kilns – anagama, noborigama, Olsen cross-fire, Hai Kubari (ash covering), and Sueki kilns. The festival included visits to archaeological sites, a tea ceremony school, several local onsens, and Goshogawara. Many local people came to watch us work, enjoy the exhibition, and learn about pottery. We also presented slides shows and enjoyed performances by local dancers.

The month passed quickly, but the memories remain forever.
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