About – Goshogawara International Woodfire Festival – 2006

The festival was held from July 1 to July 31, 2006. Artists from Japan, Korea, USA, France, Greece, Israel, Russia, and Taiwan participated. An exhibition was held with work from each artist’s home studio. The program included designing and constructing a new 2 cubic meter wood fire kiln, firing the unique Hai Kaburi kiln, the anagama, and the small noborigama. We exchanged techniques and shared presentations about our work and ceramic activities in our native countries. Work made by the artists will be sold at Kanayama to support future festivals.

During the festival, we enjoyed visits by local people, school children, onsen guests and news reporters. Trips to onsens, local museums and shops, and other artists were a nice change of pace. These added to our wonderful memories.

The participating artists included:
Bob Pool, LeeMiddleman, and John Baymore from the U.S.
Maro Kerasioti and Illias Boudaniottis from Greece
Dina Lerner from Israel
Tanya Punans from Russia
Paek So-Yeun and Shim Yu-seung from Korea
Shu-ling Tseng from Taiwan
Claude Aussage from France
Ryoji Matsumiya, Risako Noro, Toru Chubachi, and Nonomura Terayoshi from Japan

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