About – Goshogawara International Woodfire Festival – 2008

The festival is held from July 1 to July 31, 2008. Artists from Japan, Korea, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Belgium, Romania, Uganda, Malaysia, Australia, USA, and Canada are participating. We exchange techniques and share presentations about our work and ceramic activities in our native countries. Work made by the artists will be sold at Kanayama to support future festivals.

We are firing noborigama, Hai Kabur, and Olsen cross-fire kilns during the month.
The participants for 2008 included:

Japan – Ryoji Matsumiya, Risako Noro, and Toru Chubachi
Belgium – Joelle Swanet
Canada – Lauren MacLean
USA – Lee Middleman, John Baymore
Turkey – Sevim Cizer
Pakistan – Raania Azam Khan Durrani
Australia – Rowley Drysdale
Malaysia – Yeow Seng Cheah
Uganda – Vicent Nsubuga
Romania – Ciprian Ariciu
Korea – Kang Hwa-Su, Ryu Nan-ho, Kim Se-wha
India – Meyyavelar Rengasamy, Ramiah Thangiah

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