About – Goshogawara International Woodfire Festival – 2009

I will be participating in this festival of 17 artists from 11 countries. We will construct a salt kiln (shiogama) here and fire it and two other wood kilns. Below is a list of countries represented. I will begin posting images during the festival in July.

2009 Participating Countries:

Finland – Tiina Harjola
Greece – Maro Kerassioti & Isofina Kosma
India – Shruti Bansai
Indonesia -Hillary Kane
Japan – Ryoji Matsumiya, Risasko Noro, and Toru Chubachi
Korea- Myung Jihye and Lee SuCheon
Malayasia – Tajul Ariffin Adam
Norway – Michiko Takahashi Nilsen
Russia – Eugenia Prautine & Julia Pepina
Taiwan- Chung Ho Cheng
United States – John Baymore and Lee Middleman

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