About – Goshogawara International Woodfire Festival – 2007

The festival was held from July 1 to July 31, 2007. Artists from Japan, Korea, India, Malaysia, USA, France, Israel, Russia, and Canada participated. We exchanged techniques and shared presentations about our work and ceramic activities in our native countries. Work made by the artists will be sold at Kanayama to support future festivals.

We fired the “Johngama”, the small test kiln built during the 2006 Festival, twice, the unique Hai Kaburi kiln, and the Olsen cross-firing kiln. This year’s firings produced some of the best color we have ever seen during the festival. The experiments run in the Olsen kiln were very successful and will provide a basis for next year’s firing. Many of the large pieces fired in the Olsen kiln will be placed in a sculpture garden outside the Kanayama Gallery. Next year, we expect to fire very large pieces in this kiln again because it has a large entry for loading.

The participants for 2007 included:

Japan – Ryoji Matsumiya, Risako Noro, Toru Chubachi, and Mika Saotome
Canada – Arlynn Nobel
France – Claude Aussage
India – Madhur Sen
Israel – Gila Miller
Korea – Hwang, Yea-Sook; Kim, Eun-Hyun
Malaysia – Mok Mun Knen, Lileng Wong
Russia – Kirill Kopylkov, Tania Punans
USA – Lee Middleman, Nick Geankoplis, Kristin Pavelka, Whitney Smith


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